Best Tactical Watch Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Dissimilar to the typical fashion-enriched watch commonly used in everyday situations, the best tactical watch represents resilience and durability to the praise-worthy limit.

Best utilized by the soldiers and the survivalists that may turn out themselves stuck into the unsecured and unexpected situations. These tactical field watches are the real answer to the arsenal of EDC (every day carry) to become a part of your wrist, especially on the field.

Unlike the fact, you cannot get a lock on the tactical watches put together by every single brand, so do not be that guy duped to be following these clever marking tactics to fascinate your inner-self with the design it got as they may seriously get you to face the lifeless experience to have the watch die down in the middle of the field.

The best in the making, the tactical watch, can be the crucial gear to handle the ordeal efficiently where you are most likely dependent on the watch to steer you through the area, prone to confront the roughness of the environment as you move.

Equipped with the essential tools like a barometer, compass, thermometer, alarm, tachymeter, and more; the tactical watch is the sole survivor gear where the technology eventually fails from the very moment you enter into the field known for the out-of-range coverage mainly for the GSM/internet.

This little thing attached to your wrist should be the one NOT to get stopped in such an area, or should it?

Of course, NOT!

So, let’s get ready to face the 10 best tactical watch coming from the best and world’s renowned brands owning the people’s trust for a long time.

List of the best tactical watch — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Tactical Watch Dimension Weight
YiHou  5 x 5 x 0.7 inches 5.29 oz
SUUNTO Core 1.93 x 0.57 x 1.93 inches 1.4 oz
Palada T7005G 11.02 x 2.36 x 0.7 inches 2.4 oz
Timex Ironman Classic 100 3.46 x 2.91 x 2.52 inches 1.6 oz
Big Face 6.1 x 3.35 x 0.98 inches 6.88 oz
Garmin Instinct 1.77 x 1.77 x 0.6 inches  1.83 oz
MDC Analog 6.1 x 3.35 x 0.98 inches 4.8 oz
YiHou Sanda P739 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches 5.61 oz
Armitron 3.8 x 2.6 x 3.3 inches 4.0 oz
Casio GA100 2.16 x 2.01 x 0.66 inches 16.0 oz

1. YiHou

Fashion and comfort; these two are the words best defined by the design of this military-grade tactical watch coming up with a sporty dial design showcasing the outlook to be matching as close as being military style.

White and the larger dial touching the diameter of 2.18 inches or 55 mm to quickly glance through the watch fits the people liking considerably larger with the dial.

Go from analog to digital, and the dual-dial system enables to set up two different timezones out of this single YiHou tactical watch coupled with an alarm, LED backlight (to press the light to watch the time and all the settings in the dark clearly), day and date, stopwatch, time format from 12 to 24 hours.

Shock resistant to the best, the watch is good to use in all kinds of sports that do not stop functioning due to sudden thrust and the shocks experienced on the field.

Compatible to work underwater, the waterproof functionality takes you to go diving into the pool or the lake to up to 3ATMs or 30 meters of depth that is considerably a deepened depth not affecting the watch from getting filled with the water. So, you could be able to use this watch underwater without any problem and be cautious of measuring the depth from time to time.

Being underwater, the one thing you should be taking extra care for is NOT to press any kind of button when submerged or the water will spill inward. Even if it does, keep it away from the steam and hot water to soak it properly.

Includes inside the package a tactical watch, instructional manual, and a watch box to store it into its dedicated box when not used for some time.

Labeled with the highly affordable price tag, this tactical watch from YiHou is ready to serve you on the field, and the lightweight design is made with the hard plastic that ensures it does not break and crack easily.


  • A best affordable tactical watch
  • Fashion rich
  • PU-leather made band
  • Loveable sporty design


  • Plastic made

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2. SUUNTO Core

Admiring design in all digital manners, this ultimate tactical watch is the proud presentation from SUUNTO Core made entirely with silicone endowing the lesser wear and tear to last it for years of operation.

Quartz type of the watch movement, this men-applied outdoor sports watch colored in the finest and dim black that absolutely does not reflect the lights, so you are in absolute awe to not get pinned down.

The integrated altimeter can finely track your vertical movement and the barometer, which tells the Trend blowing up with air pressure. Simultaneously, the compass takes you to point out where you are AND where you are actually moving to which directions.

Coupled with the Weather Trend graph and the built-in storm alarm and the preset with sunrise and sunset times saved for over 400 locations to streamline your planning the activities and secure yourself, you stay safe to know with what would happen along the way. Indeed the best feature to plan your travel.

Wear this wrist-top computer watch coupled with an altimeter, compass, weather indicator, and barometer that saves your life from ruining the day. The perfect watch keeps you getting stuck in an awful outdoor location and protects you from cursing your decision.

Specifically for the altimeter that displays the elevation, ascent, and descent and recording the session to make sure your next tour is pre-planned for saving your energy to know what you would face along the path.

Sensing the drop in air pressure, it takes the Intelligent Storm Alarm to determine what would be developing afterward to notify you of the approaching storms automatically.

Just weighing 2.26 ounces and awarded two years of warranty takes to measure the depth to up to 30 feet accurately.

Compatible to use in extreme weather conditions from as much as +60C or +140F to as low as -20C to -5F.


  • Quartz watch movement so it sounds like staring on a standard dial
  • Coupled with a weather trend graph
  • Built-in altimeter, barometer, compass, and the weather indicator
  • Computer-made


  • Mildly on the expensive side

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3. Palada T7005G

Brilliantly performing under the water, this Palada T7005G tactical watch is men-compatible, bequeathing the fun and taking all the toll with absorbing enough responsibility to grant on the field.

The field that is known to be NOT spending the day in given that you are completely out of coverage AND like you are on your own to decide what to do and where to move. Thankfully, the tactical watch comes at your rescue to get you out of state peacefully.

Ensured equipping with the multi-functional features, this watch contains up the top of the class and robust set of necessary components to make it one responsible for a tactical watch where the technology does not work. It would never put you in an embarrassing state.

Having a stopwatch, auto calendar, LED backlight, alarm clock, 12/24H time format, and chronograph are few features to name.

Loaded with a Japanese chipset, which keeps up with the precise timing to auto-set itself whichever the timezone you move in.

Got the window made of the senior acrylic mirror and clasp with stainless steel and a case and band made of engineered ABS plastic and environmental protective rubber band, respectively.

Take it deliberately inside the water as it is named waterproof tactical watch to dive deep down to 5ATM or 50 feet to be precise, but it is advised NOT to press any of the buttons to avoid getting it watered. And wipe the water off the watch the moment you are out.

Not wider to the most, it takes the dial to the diameter of 50 mm, or 1.97 inches does not sound to be wearing the extended and oversized watch so that it would not let you perceive you got anything attached on your wrist. 

A high-quality tactical watch, Palada T7005G, is known for the abrasion-free operation to live years of operational life. Just handle it with care, and you are on!


  • Men-only
  • Rubber-based band
  • Japanese quartz
  • A best digital tactical watch
  • Waterproof build


  • Compass may give operational issues to detect the correct location.

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4. Timex Ironman Classic 100

Namely, Timex Ironman Classic 100 that resembles the dial and the front like the face of the Ironman, the adjustable black that easily fits in on the wrist of men having the strap made of resin sizing to 18 mm that conveniently sits on the wrist circumference of over 8 inches meaning anyone with the huge wrist can wear it.

Having 100 hours of the chronograph backed by 30 laps memory. The time format goes from 24 hours to 12 hours in telling AM/PM. Equipped with alarms based on daily, weekdays, and weekends to let you know which day type it got, defining it is either the weekday or the weekend as it assigns different alarms for different days.

Combined with black and green, it got the resin case of up to 40 mm and having the orange accents to like it more with inspiring the folks to get it to evaluate the moment it comes into their contact. And having the acrylic lens and the negative digital display coupled with the Indiglo light-up watch dial glows well even in the darkroom without needing you to press the light button to watch through the time quickly.

Being water-resistant to over 100 meters or 330 ft. in general makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling with exceeding the water-resistance to the most tactical watches found around the market by a right margin of depth.

It comes with 5 buttons giving you access to all of the features it is equipped with. Press through 9 of the intervals to record per session; this lightweight Timex Ironman Classic 100 comes sealed not to let the water make the room enter and eventually fry up every component.

Just having 1.6 ounces in weight, runs with one lithium metal battery would last for months and provide you with the correct time backed by multiple functionalities to go with.


  • 100-hours of chronograph data to hold
  • Switches 24 hours obtaining military time mode
  • Set two different time zones
  • Combined with black and green colors
  • Indiglo light-up dial
  • Water-resistant to up to 100 meters
  • 10-years of battery life


  • No operational manual was included.

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5. Big Face 

Men-only, this tactical watch is NOT really designed for the people with waiving off the opportunities, BUT the opportunists who dare to leap in the field, decide to live off the amenities. 

If you happen to find yourself the person of the same caliber and dare to take the risk, this Big Face tactical watch is for the big guys to enjoy the most out of your adventure.

Make the band with rubber, so it does not pinch on your wrist wearing it for the extended timer period showcasing the dual-precision time display backed by Japanese analog and digital movement to get a hold of the precise and accurate time to seeing and reading the correct time without setting it time to time all by yourself.

Featuring the alarms of different types, stopwatch, backlight, and 12 to 24 hours of time format, with having the day, date, and month-based calendar, hourly chime with the rotating bezel to dial in per your convenience.

The shiny design has the military-grade of heavy-duty dial sizing to 46 mm and equipped with an anti-scratch mineral dial window assisted by the toughest stainless steel case to live the sturdy, durable life to perform out of your expectations.

Water-resistant to up to 3ATM or 30 meters allows you to withstand the splashes while handwashing while wearing the watch and letting you freely enjoy playing in the raining water so it would not catch the water to spill inside the machine. But that is not made entirely for the natural swimming and bathing, so avoid using this Big Face tactical watch under the specified conditions.

The cool black design that takes the digital display makes it only visible with the backlight that automatically turns on even in the darker room to conveniently read the time even though it is all laminated with black color.


  • Dual display with Japanese movement
  • Seated into a heavy-duty stainless steel case
  • Larger analog and digital time display


  • Somewhat heavier
  • Totally rubber band that may lead you to feel itching after some time

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6. Garmin Instinct

Renowned in the whole wide world, we are lucky to find Garmin’s tactical watch.

As with the price, NOT take it anywhere close to the bottom, but Garmin Instinct‘s high price does justify its quality.

Highest priced amongst the tactical watches, that is exclusively crafted for the guys known for taking the risk, doing the hard stuff, and not sitting back relaxed. The word ‘relax’ is unknown to them! 🙂

Rugged and durable, the built-in navigation satellite systems are based upon not only GPS but GLONASS and Galileo, which supports pinpoint your exact locations even in the challenging environment efficiently and effectively than the internet itself.

It helps you track your heartbeat rate, activity, and stress level to ensure how your body is reacting to the challenge you are on, either in the open field away from the urban OR completing the task involving all of your energy exercises, biking, running and more.

What NOT any other tactical watch can do, but this one from Garmin takes you to trackback to navigate back the same route you initially assumed. No need to mark anything to take the way around. Just press the Traceback button to activate the feature, and you are on.

Constructed with the U.S. MIL-STD-810G known for the sturdy design to withstand the hardships and making it thermal, shock-resistant, and waterproof to up to 100 meters, ensuring you got the best tactical watch wearing up on your wrist.

Sync it up with your smartphone and get alerted with the smart notifications. And logging in with Garmin Connect’s online app would transmit back your data automatically to track how your body performs on the adventure.

Extended and performance-rich features come to an end with the battery being dead on its 14th day of service, so it would easily last a new battery to survive for 14 days in smartwatch mode. For continuously operating the watch only within GPS mode, it goes for 16 hours or 40 hours while activating the UltraTrac battery saver mode.

Comes with a built-in 3-axis compass and the barometric altimeter requiring no internet connectivity to reliably take up any of the track no matter what terrain and the mountainous ranges you would be coming across with.


  • Made in the U.S.A. and holding the Mil-STD-810G certification for its durability
  • Resistant to thermal, water, and shock
  • Syncs up with Garmin Connect online app to save and upload the data for future reference.


  • Highly-priced tactical watch

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7. MDC Analog

Does resemble an average and standard watch, this simple MDC Analog bears the key features the typical tactical watches carry.

Loaded with imported Japanese quartz analog movement and the battery to keep you known with the accurate time and running the watch for long so that you do not need to ask the fellow trackers and the survivalists what’s the time.

Approved to go in the water along with you to over 5ATM or 50 meters of depth, it is actually suitable for the different tasks such as getting it to water during the handwash, swimming, and raining. But it is not designed to be used in the direct shower, making the dive and snorkeling as it may get the water leaked in, especially from the sides of the buttons. Let’s soak it in and avoid making contact with further water and steam even if it does.

Dial made of the anti-scratch and military-grade dial windows and having the toughest stainless steel case for the increased durability to live the longer life and shining all the way where no building up of the scratches would dim the outer dial glass needing you to rub it every often.

Switch either from 12 hours time format to 24 hours, get the military analog time along with the date to keep you updated with what date it is without checking the hanging calendar, which you can only find within the home. The readable numbers glow even in the darkened environment.

Make your wrist feel proud of wearing this excellent and the super-affordable tactical watch to go unprovoking into the field.

The nylon-based band feels soft and not building the, but the scratches may create when wearing it for long.

Seems a casual outdoor wristwatch, MDC Analog delivers the distinctive look to the onlookers rushing to ask for what name this tactical watch got and the price. So, wow them all the time! 🙂


  • A best outdoor waterproof tactical watch
  • Imported Japanese movement


  • NOT compatible to go in shower, diving, and snorkeling

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8. YiHou Sanda P739

Military-grade, the absolute tactical watch known for the sturdy and the robust performance on the field; YiHou Sanda P739 makes the outdoor presence remarkable.

The soothing and calm sporty dial having the enlarged face of 2 inches or 53 mm contains the army design delivering the immense military look.

Equipped with digital and analog, the dual time display entertains the modern and old-fashioned users to learn the time comfortably. Having the dual time zones allow you to set two different time zones, so when you are out on the expedition, the timezone back home with the current one are better synced to avoid making the calculations based on the time difference, which indeed is the task most of the folks try to avoid and hence does not switch the time other than their home timezone.

Multi-functional features, it contains a lot of useful functions such as alarm, LED backlight, calendar *having date and week*, 12 to 23 hours of time format, dual time, stopwatch, and more.

Shock-proof construction; it feels comfortable to wear daily with the reduced wear and tear, extending its durability thankfully the soft band with ABS body and the scratch-resistant glass to enjoy all the rough sporty activities to move your hand freely. This wristwatch would not further tighten up.

Adaptable to the waterproof feature, freely take YiHou Sanda P739 under the water to swim and wash the hands where it would not let the water spill inside from anywhere; all you would be taking care of is not pressing a button when submerged.

Quartz movement and inserted the Japanese battery and seated into the metal and ABS case and band made of PU leather in the form of a band clasp as a buckle to fit over your wrist securely. PU leather works excellent in moderate weather conditions. Still, anything is going to the extreme, and especially in the summers, you may start feeling itches wearing for an extended time.

Just weighing about 2.7oz of 76g, it fits best on the wrist maximum of 8.8″ and the minimum of 6.5″ to go on the wrists of men of any age to wow yourself with this nicest treat!


  • Made with ABS body
  • Dual time and shock-proof construction
  • Displays digital and analog time


  • Hard to read out the digital numbers

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9. Armitron 

The definitive look of a tactical watch, having the quartz movement dial, tells what the time is coupled with the unique functionalities only a tactical watch has.

Case hitting a diameter of over 46 mm lets it sit in all the machinery in a secure way where it would not pop open even if you try to.

Compatible to go within the depth of 100 meters or over 330 feet are making it the perfect water-resistant tactical watch, namely Armitron, to move around the water of any sort freely, either a swimming pool or the open water such as a river and the lake. It would not get the water to make the way inside. Still, it would be the best of the bet if you were careful not to make the dives right into the water as it may eventually dissipate the moisture to spill inside the watch.

All the way digital, this got no analog needles, so it makes sure it is chosen by the adults who love modernity at its peak. 

Lightweight and colored in all black, the band material made of the resin does not let you perceive you are wearing something from the beginning.

The acrylic dial window with the clasp type of tang buckle keeps this rounded-shape tactical watch not to slip even in the humidity conditions. 

Having the weight just 4oz. It heavily contributes to the claim that it is incredibly lightweight but does not compromise on the quality and the durability to live the life you cannot really expect a watch would survive this long.

Holds the perfect features from chronograph, backlight, alarm, dual time, and military time to enjoy all the adjustable settings to fine-tune according to your own preferences in no time from the very moment it comes into your possession without needing to analyze the manual attached within the box.


  • Water-resistant to over 100 meters or 330 feet
  • Chronograph with alarm
  • Dual time zones


  • The directional piece does not really spin.

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10. Casio GA100 

Finally, the last of the entrants from the best tactical watch is just here –, And it got the tactical watch from a brand never listed before (in our’s list though.)

Casio, the name of the trust known to be producing the world-class of watches, all-black from the band to dial to display; it comes with the unmatched finish and the look to send the good vibes to the onlookers praising and murmuring in silence.

Embedded with g-shock protection enables the whole of this Casio GA100 tactical watch to efficiently embrace all the hardships and the shocks it receives when being used in the rough conditions without breaking and sending the equipment responsible for operating the watch to go out of order.

Made the band with resin, and the imported stuff supports this men-only watch to give the comfortable wearing experience to use and go on for all-day running through the field without needing to loosen it a bit after every few hours.

Waterproof construction takes it to face the depth of over 200 feet before it starts giving the problems. Swimming above this threshold has no issue with the claim of being labeled as a waterproof tactical watch you can find off the market.

Mildly expensive, but this is what you can expect from Casio the quality it prevails with this tactical watch.

Known to be fancy enough to wear, this sort of the tactical watch brings immense pleasure no matter how long you have been using it.


  • Coming right from the world’s top-class watch-making brand
  • Men only!
  • Resin band


  • The band may start feeling itchy.

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Conclusion of the best tactical watch

It is better to buy off the internet than hitting the local market when it comes to purchasing the tactical watch. 

The chances are it might not be widely available in your country, so the options are rare even if you happen to visit the watches shop having multiple brands covered. Go there and ask for the dedicated tactical watch, and I am sure you would end up having one or two To just zero of the available tactical watches to buy. And what they would have in the supply would be massively missing the core features the tactical watches do possess.

So, take the best advantage to get your perfect tactical watch with the convenience of directly ordering from the internet.

We covered what we covered for you with our list of 10 best tactical watch; get fascinated to spend hours deciding which one to go with. 🙂

At last, decide upon and get it delivered on your doorstep in a matter of days!